Elevator Interior Design incorporates the finest products in every style imaginable ranging from textured metal, glass, stone, wood and laminates. Please browse our material selections to open the possibilities and potential of design and find inspiration for your next project. We can assist with selecting the correct materials to meet a specific budget or work with new and unique materials. When it comes to materials, you’re only limited by your imagination. Reach out to an EID design consultant for material assistance.


From steel to bronze, EID oxidizes and lacquers a variety of metals in house.  Looking for something specific, EID can accommodate your requests with custom texture/grain on metal, different levels of oxidization and unique finishes of laquer. Contact us for samples or to review in person and discuss your project needs.




Glass is one of the most unique and popular materials out there.  The options are almost endless when it comes to selecting color, graphics and even texture within elevator cabs.  We work with all glass manufacturers to procure and create the most unique and interesting elevator interiors in the country.



Laminates are one of the most common materials used in elevator interior panels. EID works with multiple vendors to procure and manufacture with these materials to create your designs.



Stainless Steel and is still considered the elevator industry standard for durability and cleaabiliy.  Weather you choose a comidty satin finish or a unique material with distinctive pattern and texture, we will work with the materials to form your design into reality.



Vertical surfacing with stone in elevators is a delicate process when manufacturing.  Selecting the right material for the job can be tricky and confusing.  Below are a few manufacturers we work with that have the right solutions.