Architects and Designers have many options for specifying Elevator Systems as well as the materials and finishes within these cars. Elevator Interior Design is here to collaborate and assist as many ways as you need. Contact us if you are working on a new elevator project or modernizing and existing elevator. Elevator Interior Design will help by providing CAD files of the interior panels, a 3D renderings, full written specification and supply you with an installed budget quote. To further assist in your design we can engineer and calculate the weights of the system being added to the elevator as well as help detail and specifying the cladding of the front returns, frames, hoistway and car doors.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation.




EID will work directly with any elevator contractor to engineer, design, and supply materials. Working with the elevator contractor to provide custom finish options. Each project comes with a complete set of materials including custom templates that align mounting locations. 


EID’s project management approach to each project assures that your project has dedicated resources throughout the lifecycle. EID works closely with its customers to provide the highest level of project management services and support. Through state-of-the-art software and human capitol monitoring of each project, all milestone dates are consistently updated and expressed based upon project schedules and component lead time. EID sales engineers work directly with the customer, architect and contractor to immediately work and resolve design issues and condense time frames to keep the project on schedule



Over the past 30 years, EID has cultivated relationships with property owners, property managers and developers. We handle both short term challenges and long term planning for elevator interior modernizations. Our dedicated project management team, engineering group and installation crews all work together constantly in communication to ensure your next elevator modernization project runs as smoothly as possible.