Series 300 Elevator design offers all horizontal panels.  Choose accent materials for above the handrail or keep all the panels the same material and finish.  Select you panel configuration then choose your decorative materials to be inserted. You can review material types here or if you already have your own unique materials selected please contact us to discuss your design.

  • EID Elevator Interior Systems include interior wall panels, base, reveals and handrail(s)

  • Series 300 wall panels frames are aluminum extrusion base and come in 4 colors:

    • Aluminum, Black, Bronze Tone, and Dark Bronze Tone)

  • As a custom manufacturer we work with many material suppliers but we can accommodate most materials within our interior system.

  • EID Elevator Interior System is compatible with new elevator installations or Modernization of existing

  • EID can engineer the approximate weight of the system before manufacturing.

  • Our ceilings come complete with light fixtures and emergency battery back up

  • Standard Lighting options include down-lit LED, perimeter lit LED or illuminated ceilings

  • Allow EID to help visualize your design by supplying you with a 3D rending of your cab.

EID also provides complete cabs that include the cab shell and cab front (4th) wall with custom door panel, return panel and transom facings using a variety of architectural finishes not offered within standard elevator packages



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